Curry Dog Brush


    • Ideal for shedding and removing excess hair while bathing
    • Adjustable strap allows for secure fit while combing through your dog’s fur
    • Short rubber spokes are meant for short hair dogs

Includes: 1 Curry Brush
Intended Pet(s): Short-Haired Dogs
Material(s): Rubber
Color: Grey
Product Dimensions: 5 in x 3.75 in

QTY 10 3000 10000 100000
Price(US) 0.799 0.699 0.559 0.399

Item: 80321


This Curry Brush is specifically designed for short-medium hair dogs so that you can massage the shampoo into the fur following the direction of hair growth. You’ll love how it brushes and cleans as it massages, and how it is the perfect tool for dealing with shedding as well as removing excess hair while bathing.

Before Bath: Use curry brush in palm of hand to brush away loose hairs.
During Bath: Follow direction of coat/hair to brush shampoo through the dog’s coat. Not for heavy/multi-coated dogs.

Caution: This product is intended for use by adults to massage their pets. Do not use if damaged. Do not leave with pet unattended by an adult. Ingestion of this product may result in serious injury or illness. Adult supervision only. This product is NOT a toy to be used by children.