Medium to Long Hair Dematting Pet Rake

Includes: 1 Dematting Rake
Intended Pet(s): Dogs with medium to long hair
Material(s): Rubber, Plastic, Stainless Steel
Color: Blue, Grey, Silver

QTY 10 3000 10000 100000
Price(US) 1.499 1.299 1.099 0.769

Item: 80324


Eliminate mats in your pet’s coat with this Dematting Rake. This tool safely breaks apart mats, and does so as gently as can be, for dogs with medium to long hair.
• The rake spoke curve is intended for dog’s safety as the inner curve is an actual blade that is intended to break apart the mats as gently as possible
• Comfortable rubber grip with thumb imprints provides easy grip for both left and right hand

De-mat before bathing as water may tighten any mats. Find a quiet place and make your dog feel comfortable. Face blades in the direction AWAY from the dog. Start at the base of the knot/matt with very short strokes, to gently loosen hair clump. Strokes can increase in size as hair knots and clumps continue to loosen.

Caution: Comb spokes are blades. Keep away from children. Put comb head back into protective casing to keep safe.