Neoprene Comfort Dog Harness

Intended For: Dogs
Leash Type: Comfort Harness
Color: Blue


  • Comfortable Neoprene
  • Chest D-ring gently corrects pulling
  • Back D-ring for more relaxed walks
  • Handle
  • 4 Adjustable Points
  •   Great for pullers

Item: 80090

QTY 10 2000 10000 100000
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Make your dog’s harness safe, secure, comfortable and stylish by choosing this Blue Neoprene Comfort Dog Harness. This harness is made of flexible neoprene combined with its adjustability add up to optimal comfort, while the aforementioned adjustability also means a secure fit. It all adds up to more control on walks; making them safer and more enjoyable for the two of you. You’ll enjoy the vibrant blue design as well.

The back D-ring should be facing the dog’s tail. The Chest D-ring should be facing the dog’s head.
1. Unbuckle the two belly straps.
2. Place dog’shead through harness with chest D-ring facing the head.
3. The chest panel should be positioned between the front legs. Use buckles to attach the back panel to the belly panel on both sides.
4. To ensure harness fits securely, you can adjust the side straps with the plastic sliders located on both sides of the straps.

Care Instructions:To clean, wipe with a damp cloth. Air dry.

How to Measure:
Girth:Measure around the widest part of your dog’s torso, behind the front legs.

Lower Neck:Measure around the lowest part of your dog’s neck.

For use only on dogs. Not for tie out. Sizing should allow room for two fingers to fit between the item and the pet. To avoid risk of ingestion or entanglement, supervise dog when using this collar. Not for use during containment or crating due to risk of entanglement.

Available Sizes:
X-Small: Lower Neck: 12-14 in (30.4-35.5 cm); Girth: 16-18 in (40.6-45.7 cm)
Small: Lower Neck: 14-16 in (35.5-40.6 cm); Girth: 19-22 in (48.3-55.9 cm)
Medium: Lower Neck: 18.5-22 in (46.9-55.8 cm); Girth: 23-27 in (58.4-68.6 cm)
Large: Lower Neck: 22.5-27 in (57.1-69.5 cm); Girth: 28-34 in (71.1-86.4 cm)
X-Large: Lower Neck: 25.5-37 in; Girth: 33-39 in (83.8-99.1 cm)