Seat Belt Dog Tether


  • Extra dog seat belt tether for families with more than one vehicle
  • Designed for use with dog car harnesses
  • Universal fit with steel carabiner
  • Works with any car seat belt system
  • Lifetime warranty

Includes: 2 Dog Tether
Intended Pet(s): Dogs
Color: Gray, Black

QTY 10 3000 10000 100000
Price(US) $1.29 $1.09 $0.92 $0.73


The Dog Harness Seat Belt Tether is an extra dog seatbelt tether that is perfect for families with multiple cars. A loose dog in the car is a dangerous distraction and can be very dangerous for your dog should he be launched into the front seat. This tether offers a universal fit and features a steel attachment clip that will keep your pup safely in the back seat.

Caution: Improper installation may result in pet becoming unrestrained.