Sunflower Bandana & Flower Collar Slide Accessory Set

Features: Collar slide and bandana set with sunflower design
Includes: 1 Collar slide, 1 Bandana
Intended Pet(s): Dogs
Color: Yellow, Black

QTY 10 3000 10000 100000
Price(US) $0.98 $0.88 $0.69 $0.58


Let your dog accessorize in style with this Sunflower Collar Slide & Bandana Set. These two pieces, one bandana and one collar slide, both feature a vibrant sunflower design to help your pup look stylish in a fun way.

For collar slide, unbuckle collar and slide accessory into desired position.

Advice for Use:
Observe your pet’s behavior with the product for suitability. Some items may be inappropriate for your pet. Remove and replace the time if it becomes damaged.
Ingestion of this product can result in serious injury. Contains small parts. Keep out of reach of children.

Bandana is intended to be used for a short duration, under close supervision. Do not use for more than a few hours. Sizing should allow room for 2 fingers to fit between the item and the neck. Do not use as a restraint.