Ultra-Reflective Dog Harness

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Item: 80088

The back D-ring is located next to the handle and should be facing the dog’s tail. The chest D-ring should be facing the dog’s head.

  1. Unbuckle the two belly straps.
    2. Place dog’s head through harness with chest D-ring facing the head.
    3. The chest panel should be positioned between the front legs. Use buckles to attach the back panel to the belly panel on both sides.
    4. To ensure harness fits securely, you can adjust the side straps with the plastic sliders located on both sides of the straps.

Caution: Not for tie out. Sizing should allow room for 2 fingers to fit between the item and the neck.

Available Sizes:
Small: Girth 19-22 in (48.2-55.8 cm)
Medium: Girth 23-27 in (58.4-68.5 cm)
Large: Girth 28-34 in (71.1-86.3 cm)
X-Large: Girth 33-39 in (83.8-99.0 cm)