Waterproof Canvas Hammock Seat Cover


  • Waterproof backing protects from slobber, scratches and spills
  • Safety barrier to prevent pet from climbing into the front seat
  • Adjustable zippers to allow for a person to sit in the back seat if needed
  • Side flaps for additional interior protection
  • Fits most vehicles

Includes: 1 Hammock Seat Cover
Intended Pet(s): Dogs
Color: Grey
Material: Canvas
Product Dimensions: 55 in x 55 in (139 x 139 cm)

QTY 10 3000 10000 100000
Price(US) $2.98 $2.58 $2.09 $1.98




When properly draped, the Canvas Hammock Seat Cover offers flexible, full seat and floor protection from dirt and pet hair. The hammock style allows your dog to relax as they travel with you, while the seat cover’s side vents and slits allow for easy access and normal function of seat belts.

Refer to the enclosed instruction manual for installation diagrams and additional ways to use this seat cover.
1. Place rear straps around the top of the rear seat headrests. Loop straps around the base of rear seat headrests.
2. Connect buckle parts together.
3. Adjust strap length with adjustable buckle.
4. Place front straps around the top of the front seat headrests. Loop straps around the base of the front seat headrests.
5. Repeat steps two and three.
6. Feed seat belt connector through seat cover’s middle openings.

Care Instructions: Spot clean with damp cloth and pet-safe detergent. Air dry.

Caution: Always secure and supervise your pet in vehicle. Never leave your dog unattended. Not for use on vehicles with side airbags or on vehicle seats with integrated airbags. May interfere with deployment of airbags.

Warning: For pet use only.